About Us

Romano Mascioni (a.k.a the Artist) was born October 28th, 1932 in Roma, Italy. He is currently 78 years old! He has been painting for a very long time now, and finds it a peaceful and enjoyable way to pass the time. Now at 78, he is still painting! His paintings, in my opinion, are nothing short of amazing, and he is a wonderful man!

I am slightly younger than Romano ( more like 60 years younger!) but I don’t let that stop me from doing things I love. One day, I was astonished by one of his paintings. After having learned web design, it was reccomended to me by a friend that I design a website for his art. I did, and it wasn’t as successful as I imagined. So I decided to start a blog at WordPress, and so far, it is working out for me! I can be reached at webmaster@mascioniart.co.cc.

A couple of thanks to specific people:

First, to my loving family for having supported me in this website!
Second, to Romano, for allowing the paintings to be posted!
Third, to the entire WordPress staff for offering the blogging service at no cost! I am very pleased with the service!
Thanks to the head of iPhorums.net for providing installation of the original site system!
Oh yeah, how could I forget? Thanks to all visitors! You are awesome!
Whoever contributes to this project, you will be mentioned here!


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